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Unity Developer

  • Inserting new content based on existing game mechanics.

  • Supporting existing and implementing new game mechanics in Unity.

We expect from candidates:
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms for data processing.

  • Good knowledge of the basics of the C# language.

  • Experience working with the Unity editor.

  • Commercial experience in game development.

  • Technical English proficiency.

The skills we would consider a plus are:
  • Experience integrating third-party SDKs (advertising, analytics, monetization) into Unity projects.

  • Experience working with Spine animations in Unity.

  • Knowledge of basic methods for optimizing Unity projects.

We Offer: 
  • Comfortable working environment, conditions and flexible work hours.

  • The opportunity to work both in the office in Novi Sad and remotely.

  • Official employment.

  • A professional team dedicated to developing high-quality games.

In your response to a vacancy , please provide examples of your code from Unity game projects. Try to select examples that are suitable for examination (example of a bad code example would be a code with stub classes and methods, illogical classes, and boilerplate code). It is desirable to show a relatively isolated segment of the program that performs a specific function.

You can learn more about the company and projects from our social networks: Instagram, Facebook.

To apply, please email your resume to

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