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Explore Growth Opportunities with Us! Despite the competition in today's mobile market, we've ventured into the promising world of PC marketing. We've pioneered successful promotion strategies on platforms like Microsoft Store and Steam without costly User Acquisition (UA). Partner with us and let’s help your studio unlock additional revenue streams!

Strongblade - Puzzle Quest and Match-3 Adventure

Strongblade is a match-3 puzzle game where you play as Sean the Mouse. Travel through a captivating world filled with puzzles, outsmart cunning villains, befriend charming animals, and build unique camps.

Bingo Beavers - Design & Board game

Build a cozy mansion for the beavers, play Bingo, and collect puzzles to unlock new daubers. With unique challenges and endless opportunities for fun, these games are perfect for any age and skill level.

Idle Medieval Tavern RPG - Raise a Champion for Titans Battles

Once upon a time, in a realm of danger and intrigue, you find yourself entrusted with the management of a quaint medieval tavern. This captivating idle game weaves a tale of daring quests, legendary heroes, and a thriving tavern that serves as the heart of a bustling community.

Home Designer Makeover Blast

Join Hazel on her journey as she transforms drab houses into modern and space-saving homes. Solve challenging blast puzzles and choose the best design that meets her client's requests. Unleash your creativity and let the designing begin!

Coast Defender

Dive deep into the exhilarating world of high-stakes battles. Lead your army against a relentless onslaught of enemy machinery, spanning from the iconic tanks of WW2 to the modern-day helicopters

Mystery Society 2: Hidden Puzzles

Dive into a hidden object adventure with unique tasks, puzzles, and a riveting story. Join elite detectives in a secret organization, uncover hidden treasures, and solve crimes across the globe

Crash Cars

Dive into a car crushing simulator that feeds your hunger for speed. Customize your ramp height, slam down the accelerator, and send your car careening into a stunning landscape of time-worn clunkers. Experience the adrenaline rush and embrace the thrill of vehicular destruction.

Heroes Quest Survival

Embark on an exciting journey in Heroes Quest Survival. Unite with fellow heroes to liberate lands from monstrous orcs and zombies. Master the art of swordplay and sorcery to rescue innocent lives in this thrilling quest.

Bingo Pets - Save the Pets

Embark on missions to save adorable pets while enjoying your favorite bingo games.

Ancient Saga: Vikings Journey

Thor and the Vikings are on a mission to save Midgard from Fenrir. To achieve their aim, they take a daring journey to Ancient Greece in search of a remedy. However, they soon realize that the task ahead of them will be harder than they imagined.



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